MicroCon 2023, hosted by Her Majesty Queen Carolyn of Ladonia, brought together 133 delegates hailing from 42 countries, with Zaqistan among the prominent participants. Serving as a biennial gathering for micronational enthusiasts from across the globe, MicroCon serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and insights into the intricate art of nation-building.

The conference featured a comprehensive agenda, including a day filled with enlightening speakers, engaging presentations, and an immersive exploration of the diverse world of micronations. A highlight of the event was the Diplomatic Reception held at Oakwood House, where participants donned formal attire and engaged in traditional reception activities, along with garden games and photo opportunities.

Zaq Landsberg, Spencer Wohlrab, and James Schrebryl infused the event with their infectious enthusiasm, adding to the dynamic ambiance of the convention. The program included formal speeches, providing a forum for thought-provoking discussions, and even incorporated a touch of friendly competition through the Nemean Games. 

MicroCon 2023 went beyond being a mere convention; it showcased that micronations are not confined to imaginative concepts, but vibrant communities driven by youthful imagination, unity, and a desire for exploration. The event transcended geographical boundaries, serving as a melting pot of ideas and connections. 

As a celebration of the boundless potential of human imagination, MicroCon 2023 left a lasting impact. For a visual glimpse into the captivating world of micronations, the pictures captured by Spencer during the event offer a vivid testament to the diversity and ingenuity of this thriving community.

Attending Nations

Ladonia, Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, Slabovia, The Republic of Slowjamastan, Republic of Molossia, Westarctica, Kingdom of Amethonia, United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, Aerican Empire, Empire of Kapreburg, The Grand Republic of Moontonia, Pearson Republic, Kingdom of Pontunia, Kingdom of North Barchant, Pavlov, Beatus Cras, Kingdom of Eldonia, The Kingdom of Jamestown, Principality of Aigues-Mortes, Akxcalonia, The Republic of Dostykstan, Belmoor, The Socialist Republic of Duck Island, Hankland, Democracy of Maristan, Kingdom of Wojcikslavia and Poland, Republic of Potatia, Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland, Pibocip, The Republic of Soundland, The Aggregate of Spencer, Republic of West Who, Republic of Zaqistan, Kingdom of Fergus, Cycoldian Imperium, Free Republic of New Athens, Technocratic Republic of Aethodia, Micronational Olympic Federation, Kingdom of Ruritania, Principality of Sancratosia, The Domain and Realms of the Shadows and the Darkness, Kingdom of Talossa.

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