See what Zaqistan has to offer!

There's something for everyone to do. Whether you're interested in hiking, camping, mountain biking, or just taking in the local customs, you'll find something to do in Zaqistan.


Enjoy stunning views of mountains, canyons, and deserts


Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet without having to worry about crowds


Zaqistan is a hidden gem that offers a unique and fun travel experience

Your Playground Awaits

Heres some travel tips for getting the most out of your trip!
5 Dog Friendly Hikes

5 Dog Friendly Hikes

Take off the leash and let your pups roam free! From easy trails for the family to treacherous terrain that can kill you, there's a hike for people of every level.

Plan Your Getaway

Plan Your Getaway

Theres more to the adventure than just the destination. Check out this roadtrip guide weather you're coming from SLC or Tahoe.

Meet the Guardians

Meet the Guardians

Don't be fooled, these metal sculptures mean no harm.

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