Discover the de-facto sovereign nation in Utah’s backyard! No need to book a flight for this exotic, international experience, be the first among your friends to have your passport stamped in the Republic of Zaqistan. Become a naturalized citizen atop Mt. Insurmountable in a ceremony presided by Head of State Zaq Landsberg.

Top Attractions

What to See

Decennial Monument

The tallest and largest structure ever built in Zaqistan, the Monument commemorates 10 years of independence. Erected in September of 2015 by Zaqistani citizens.

Zaqistan Port of Entry

Serves as Passport Control, Customs and Immigration for visiting foriegn nationals and Zaqistani citizens. The “Welcome to Zaqistan” sign is the most prominent example of the Zaqistan signage project of 2010.

Victory Arch

Victory Arch is a monument to an unspecified victory. The Arch was erected in 2009.

Mt. Insurmountable

The highest point in Zaqistan. Zaq Landsberg planted a flag upon this peak when he first arrived at the land in 2005. It offered the first unobstructed sweeping views of Zaqistan.

The Guardians

The Guardians of Zaqistan were constructed and installed in Zaqistan in 2006. To this day they steadfastly protect Zaqistan’s borders from intruders.

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